You are protected against unlawful housing discrimination on the basis of your race and/or color. If you are denied an opportunity to purchase, rent, finance or insure a home or apartment, or are given false information about a sale, rental, loan or insurance policy because of your race or color, you are a victim of illegal housing discrimination. It is also illegal for landlords or other housing providers to treat existing residents or tenants, or their guests, differently because of their race or color. Discrimination based on race or color can often be subtle, so subtle that victims of discrimination may be unaware that they were treated differently because of their race or color.

Examples and Warning Signs of Race/Color Discrimination:

  • A landlord charges a higher security deposit for one person than another of a different race or color.
  • A renter is told one thing over the phone but something different when visiting a property in person.
  • The landlord accepts an application (and application fee) but does not follow up as promised or return calls.
  • A new owner or manager evicts or terminates leases of tenants of a certain race and replaces them with tenants or residents of another race.
  • Repairs are made more rapidly for residents of one race than residents of another race or color.
  • A real estate agent only shows a buyer houses in neighborhoods with people of the same race.

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If you believe you were discriminated against because of your race/color, file a complaint.