Education & Training

Education and training is a priority for the Division of Human and Civil Rights. Knowledgeable and experienced presenters are available to provide interactive and informative workshops at our offices or at your location.

Outreach & Education

As part of our mission to promote amicable relationships among the various racial, ethnic, religious, age, social and cultural groups within the state and to educate the community regarding discrimination of all types.

The Delaware Human and Civil Rights Commission is pleased to participate in neighborhood, civic, religious and community activities and events. We look forward to joining you to set up displays, share information and speaking face-to-face with the people of Delaware. We welcome the opportunity to join you at any of your events.

Public Accommodations Training

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in businesses and locations that are considered places of “public accommodation.” Public Accommodations Training can help you know your rights as a resident, and your obligations as an owner or operator of a place of public accommodations:

  • Learn more about the Delaware Equal Accommodations Law (DEAL)
  • Learn about your rights and responsibilities under the law
  • Discover how to recognize discriminatory practices and what happens when a complaint is filed
  • Learn best practices to prevent discrimination in places of public accommodation

Fair Housing Training

Federal and state laws prohibit discrimination in housing and housing related transactions such as appraisals, insurance and financing. Fair Housing Training can help you know your rights as a resident, and your responsibilities as a housing provider:

  • Learn more about Fair Housing Laws
  • Gain knowledge about your rights and duties under the law
  • Learn what happens when a discrimination complaint is filed
  • Learn how to recognize discriminatory practices and how to prevent discrimination in housing.

Diversity Training

Diversity awareness training can help participants understand what diversity is, the benefits of diverse teams and workplaces, and how they can help to create a more open and inclusive environment for everyone:

  • Learn how to embrace and appreciate each other’s differences
  • Identify your own biases and baggage
  • Learn how to break down barriers to understanding
  • Learn ways in which valuing diversity can prevent discrimination

To learn more about our training workshops, or to connect with the Commission regarding an event: