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Protected Classes

You are protected against unlawful housing discrimination. Learn more about each of the thirteen (13) Protected Classes in Delaware below: How To File A Complaint To file a discrimination complaint online, or obtain the status of a case select one of the links below: File An Equal Accommodations Complaint File A Housing Discrimination Complaint Case […]

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Fair Housing Information Center

Your Fair Housing Rights You have a right to live where you want and can afford to live. The laws that protect your rights are Fair Housing Laws. Everyone who lives in the United States is protected from discrimination in housing. This includes the sale, rental, and financing of dwellings; lending; home appraisal; insurance and […]

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Sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation)

You are protected against unlawful housing discrimination on the basis of your sex (including gender identity and sexual orientation). The Fair Housing Act protection from sex discrimination include sexual orientation and gender identity. That means it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of your sex, your sexual orientation and/or your gender identity in the […]

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